Paleo Soap
Soaps for the Paleo Lifestyle, Autoimmune Deficiency disease, Allergies and Hypo allergies.

How we make our soaps:

We use a cold process method in making the soaps. This involves sodium hydroxide (lye) mixed with Pure Palm Kernel oil and through the saponification process it creates soap. We only use the purest ingredients. Our water has gone through a reverse osmosis process to remove chemicals and impurities.

I over-oil the soaps by about 7%. This means that this soap will leave a minute amount of extra oil on your skin. Your skin will soak this up and feel softer and more hydrated. Your skin is your largest organ, take care of it. Just like your skin will soak up the extra oil, imagine what it is soaking up with all the other bars of chemicals…

More on this process along with videos later…

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